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Alamy give students 100% of fees…

Yep, you read that right. Now, I don’t suggest you are going to get rich supplying Alamy. You’re very unlikely to get rich being a photographer. However, every little helps, and fingers in lots of pies is a good idea. (Except one of those radioactive McDonalds ones…you could lose your shutter finger) There have been months where my Alamy fees covered my mortgage, and that was on 60/40. 100% is a phenomenal deal.

Small caveat… “Alamy Students is open to students at any university or college that offer courses related to visual media and design. Check this┬álist┬áto see if your educational institution is signed up.”

That’s today’s bit of good news on the duck. Apologies if you are not a student and are getting 60/40…I hope the above hasn’t annoyed you too much.



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