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The light fantastic

I love light. It fascinates me. Always has.

I watched the light streaming in the primary school window when I was a wee boy and marvelled at the swirling patterns it created on the wall. Shame I didn’t pay as much attention to the teacher. She noticed though. Sadist. And threw a wooden blackboard duster [...]


Sea bird wreck, Scotland © John MacPherson

A seabird ‘wreck’ is the term given to the mass deaths of the birds.

This one happened a year or so ago on the east coast of Scotland in the Moray Firth, but many have happened since around the UK, and more recently a serious event occurred [...]

The beauty of darkness.

I’ve been doing an ongoing documentary project on inshore fishermen on the lovely island of Mull off Scotland’s west coast.

For those who choose to do this its hard hard work, in an economically and socially deprived area; but an area that the residents are committed to, and devoted to the way of life required [...]

The knots that bind us.

Something for Easter Sunday.

Religion? Hmmm. The older I’ve grown the more intolerant I’ve become of its uglier excesses. Sadly there are many. And consequently I distance myself from it.

I’m Scottish, that means I have been brought up in a rather peculiar mix of ‘tensions’. I had not realized just how absurd those tensions [...]

ANGRY poetry: The legacy of the chemist

I posted an Angry Poem some time back. An occasional thing I do when I get……..well……angry. No smiles in this post, and no profound thoughts. Just a bit of anger.

I wrote this one over ten years ago, and it’s never been seen until now.

I grew up by the sea, playing on the sea, [...]

Ethics, truth and the view from the other side (of the camera).

Duckrabbit’s recent post was timely, as I was thinking through the following ‘stuff’ and wondering whether it was worth the time to articulate it. And thanks to duck and Joel I will. This subject is central also to this post by Jenny Pollard which duckrabbit has just linked to, and it’s really important so by [...]

International Mountain Day

Here’s a wee something in celebration of International Mountain Day.

I was born in the shadow of Ben Nevis, the UK’s highest mountain. My grandparents used to take tourists to the summit of ‘the Ben’ on ponies for 1 Guinea (including lunch) back in the late 1800′s. My own dad was a pioneer skiier in [...]

Trust and why it matters

Recent post by duckrabbit on trust, and responses from Ciara about getting close to people, struck a chord.

I was working on a book project to photograph a bunch of widely scattered Hebridean islands, mostly within a few miles of the Scottish coast, but a few of them pretty remote and awkward to get to. [...]

Effete and be there? Thats not enough.

I was struck by a recent post by David, and his quote from Josh Metzeler about getting to the right place to take pictures:


I’d like to say one very important thing about photojournalism (that may or may not have anything to do with my image here) that I repeat over and over to [...]

Photography and freedom of expression. It’s not just the police that restrict it.


duckrabbit would like to welcome the writer, photographer and all round top bloke Julian Lass to our team. We met at Arles and sparked.

Following on from the irate gallery attendant who stopped me taking a photo in what I felt was a public space (see here), I would say that [...]