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The way to make photography pay? Kadir van Lohuizen puts his work behind two paywalls

(please see update at the bottom)

There is a lot of buzz around apps (iPhone and iPad) for photographers.

The ones that that help you share pictures to the web or give your pics a retro look make a lot of sense. They make your photos both accessible and in a lot of cases look [...]

Please Support The Gay Families Project

I was bought up in a ultra religious homophobic house. My dad once told me that ‘bugger’ was the worst word in the English language. I honestly think he would have rather me commit murder than turn out to be gay. I nearly did, just to piss him off.

How things have changed. One of [...]

ski season – NY Times Lens blog

Ever wondered what it takes to get the photographs of world-class skiiers as they whizz by? Probably not, but the Winter Olympics starts tomorrow in Vancouver and to mark the occasion, the New York Times Lens blog shows us how it’s going to look – and how cold it’s going to be – from [...]

Documenting courage - Stephen Ferry and Human Rights Watch

Photographer Stephen Ferry has spent the best part of a decade documenting the brutal Colombian civil war. Its population is terrrorised by both the left-wing guerillas and the right-wing paramilitary groups (who are often linked to the government and police) and their shadowy successors. The conflict is not only ideological – the lucrative drug [...]

Gangster types and tough guys (Bruce Gilden)

I’m not – on the whole – personally a fan of multimedia pieces where the photographer talks over his own work.

But I’ll make a big exception for this one from Magnum’s largest character, Bruce Gilden, who says there’s a gangster in all of us.

What a start to the weekend. Tweet [...]

Salão Escola de Beleza Afro - Tiana Markova Gold (where it's at)

Some photography creates distances, puts the people in the pics out on some distant horizon you’ll never reach, nor would you want to. Other photography closes the gap, creates understanding and feels like a genuine conversation. Mostly, but not exclusively, that’s the photography I love and that’s the photography Tiana Markova-Gold creates.

I first came [...]

Bruno Stevens, on Haiti (audio slideshow)

This powerful audio slideshow is brought impressively to life by Olince Calixte, a blind street musician from Port au Prince.

It’s also a journey from pain, trauma and shock through to the first signs of recovery. For me it tells a much more balanced story of the aftermath than many sets of photos out there. [...]

Spiderpic, microstock, and the end of the world.

There’s a bit of a discussion over on the EPUK mailing list about the end game of microstock. Btw, if you’re an editorial snapper you need to sign up to the EPUK list. The catalyst for the discussion this time is the emergence of spiderpic, a stock image library price comparison site. Alamy are not [...]

White magic

There’s a lovely set of photos by the other half of duckrabbit, David White, running in the Telegraph (and in the Sun but I’m not allowed to mention that). I love these pics of all the crazy animals that Americans are allowed to keep at homes as pets.

I was a bit surprised however [...]

blood for oil

Most of us in western Europe are guilty of taking our fuel for granted, but our thirst for oil leaves a trail of corruption, environmental degradation and poverty elsewhere. Azerbaijani photographer Rena Effendi followed the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline through her own country, Georgia and Turkey to document its effect on the communities she found. The [...]