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Wilfred Thesiger. BBC Audio slideshow


This BBC audio slideshow from 2010. Always good to see Thesiger’s photos and great to hear to hear the man speak too.

Produced by Paul Kerley Tweet

a tour of duty – BBC audio slideshow

The BBC has a great audio slideshow today featuring the voice and photos of former Grenadier guards officer Cpt Alexander Allan who spent six months in Afghanistan. It’s wonderfully human and intimate – much more so than anything I’ve seen by any embedded photographer. Five minutes well spent. Tweet [...]

“Jack wasn’t going to get killed.”

BBC audio slideshow, Father and Son, on duckabbit [...]

“Its got a skeletal, barren, mortified beauty to it”

Paul Kerley has produced a fascinating audio slideshow about the area of Afghanistan where sadly so many are losing their lives in the fighting (on both sides).

Audio slideshow: The Helmand tour

With high mountains in the north, and an empty desert in the south, the province that is home to British military operations in [...]

Could you believe they put a man on the moon?

Last night I got a late call from my mate Sam to tell me I just absolutely had to call round and sink a few beers whilst watching a doco about the moon landings.

How could I refuse?

I’ve never been that interested in how we put a man on the moon, but when you [...]

Zimbabwe’s orhans – BBC Audio Slideshow

There’s a quiet and thoughtful audio slideshow running on the BBC about the harsh reality of life for many of Zimabawe’s children. Take a moment out of your day to watch it and to reflect how ‘man hands on misery to man.’

The suffering in this world is only matched by the mass indifference towards [...]

“Give me liberty

or give me death.”

Paul Kerley proves again why he is the master of building audio slideshows from archive.

Audio slideshow: Tiananmen Square

The massacre of pro-democracy supporters by Chinese troops in Beijing on the 3-4 June 1989 marked the end of the largest political protest in communist China’s history.

James Miles – the BBC’s [...]

BBC Audio slideshow: The Thatcher years (Paul Kerley)

Paul Kerley is the master of throwing together audio slideshows made up entirely of archive audio and photos. This one about Margaret Thatcher is particularly successful, not least because she was such a colorful, controversial character. That said its the soundtrack that really nails this for me, its just so evocative of the eighties.

Our [...]

The Columbine Shootings: BBC audio slideshow

Audio slideshow: The Columbine shootings

The murder in April 1999 of 13 people at a Colorado high school – by two heavily armed pupils – sent shockwaves across the US.

After their shooting spree, Eric Harris, 18, and Dylan Klebold, 17, killed themselves.

Here – using BBC Radio archive – we recall how [...]

I’m not sure this BBC audio slideshow sustains interest

but its worth watching just to hear the guy crack up with laughter, one minute forty seconds in.

Audio slideshow: South African shebeen

South African shebeens – drinking dens in residential areas – are under threat in the Western Cape province, as the authorities try to crack down on the thousands of bars operating without [...]