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‘Invisibility would be my superpower’

Great little video about Street Photographer Matt Stuart who comes across as not just a wicked photographer but a top bloke.

Thanks to Olivier at BJP for sharing this.

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“Photography is an incredibly limiting medium”

Really lovely and inspiring video about Alex Soth.

So interesting to compare this with the video of Plankton I put up earlier in the week.


Pretty pictures but journalism my arse

Ciara Leeming summed it up beautifully on the BBC recently when she said the problem with many ‘photojournalists’ is that they have little understanding of journalism.

Dominic Nahr’s set of pics in TIME is a great example. Why? Where is the coherency and where is the story?

To be fair to Dominic he’s run around [...]

Open Eye, The Missing – Imm Aziz

“If I had only known that my sons were going and that I would not see them again I would have thrown myself under the wheels of the truck that took them.” Imm Aziz

Palestinian Amina Hassan Banat, 78, better known for Imm Aziz, sits on a sofa placed under the framed portraits [...]

Open Eye – The Missing

I am pouring myself and the photographer Dalia Khamissy a large whiskey (thanks Val for the Chrimbo Jamesons). This one we have earned.

Tonight I finished mixing a radio documentary for the BBC about the estimated 17000 people who were kidnapped during the Lebanese civil war, and never seen again. If any of you listen [...]

“Just me and a blank sheet of paper” – YES

A little while back on old friend from the BBC got in touch to ask if I would spend some time talking with Sally Flatman, the producer of BBC Radio 4′s Christmas appeal. The appeal supports Connections (St Martin’s in the Fields) vital work with homeless people in London.

To cut a long story short [...]

War Never Looked So Hip

(amended title because Joerg’s was MUCH better)

Take a look at this picture by Damon Winter, as featured on the (excellent) New York Times, Lens Blog, and part of a series featured in the newspaper:

The photographs have been taken using an iPhone that automatically applies heavy processing with an iPhone app. On [...]

Is Seeing Believing? (powerful, powerful, photofilm)

In many ways sound is the ultimate visual medium. When we listen to something, or someone, we create images in our mind.

One of the clich├ęs of photography, particularly humanitarian photography, is that it gives people a voice. Watch the video on the front page of the VISA website to see exactly what I mean. [...]

Pete Masters, MSF’s web editor, fires a warning shot to photographers

On paper Pete Masters is the web editor of MSF UK, and although he is a bit of a geek, Pete is so much more … he’s duckrabbit’s best ever student.

Now whilst MSF go into really troubled places and save lives (and a lot more), Pete isn’t all humanitarian, because secretly on the [...]

Out Of Sight (photofilm)

One of the great things about teaching on the Masters in Photojournalism at the London College of Communication is that I come into contact with some very talented and switched on people. Many of my students, with a lot of sweat and more than a little luck, will go on to do great things.Hannah Lucy [...]