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What are ‘ghosts’?

Things that don’t actually exist?

Ghosts © Ralph Ziman

I came across these striking pictures this week. The work of African born but USA-resident Ralph Ziman, showing brightly coloured AK47 rifles made from beads and wire. The header of the piece proclaimed:

Ghosts: AK-47 guns made from beads and wire – in pictures

New [...]

Tim Hetherington reclaimed as the war photographer he never wanted to be

Today marks three years since the death of Tim Hetherington. I published the following post not long after, but it still feels relevant today …

Yesterday I received the following email from a photographer and thinker whose work I really admire (not someone who has anything to prove). The subject was ‘Hetherington’s last photos’ [...]


Twenty years after the genocide, the NYT has some compelling portraits of Rwandan Tutsi survivors and the Hutu individuals who perpetrated ‘the unthinkable’ on them and their families. The images by Pieter Hugo are direct and powerful. The story they tell is hopeful.

Image © Pieter Hugo


But requests for forgiveness come from [...]

A grain of wheat

It is a sad day for journalism with the loss of a very fine photojournalist.

You’ll hear a lot about what others felt about Anja Niedringhaus in the coming days, and what precisely her loss represents to them.

But you might learn even more about Anja by reading what she had to say about someone [...]

Kill tradition

Getty has announced its latest set of grants. Here’s what Aiden Sullivan, vice president of photo assignments, told BJP:

“In these difficult financial times, where it has become something of a rarity to obtain funding from traditional sources, this grant offers something of a lifeline.”

Photojournalism is always going to be a glass half empty [...]

“Loss and Truth”

I’ve seen two dramatic video pieces this week, in which the central character is a photojournalist, and the subject is conflict. Each piece was about what individuals are compelled by conscience to do, to strive to achieve. Both were an ‘uncompromised portrait’, one being labeled as such by it’s creator.

But they were profoundly different.


“I know there is strength in me”- Can it get tougher for a parent than this?

It takes an incredible strength to choose to put yourself in front of the camera and tell the world you are HIV positive.

Especially when the world has already thrown more crap at you then most of us face in a lifetime.

That’s exactly what young Ethiopian Mum Momina does in this film. That Time [...]

Living on Scrap

I’ve got to say a short doco about kids collecting scrap is not a very appealing prospect for a Saturday morning. Rubbish dump shots in developing countries are ten a penny on ‘concerned photojournalist’ websites. Putting my skepticism aside I clicked on Chris De Bode and Steven Elbers short doco, Living on Scrap.

The film [...]

Dying for a photograph (and an Audi A3 advert)

‘From the pickup, Lynsey saw a body outstretched next to our car, one arm outstretched. We still don’t know whether that was Mohammed. We fear it was, though his body has yet to be found.

If he died, we will have to bear the burden for the rest of our lives that an innocent man [...]

A Heart in the Land

Roger May

I’ve just read a beautifully insightful interview with Roger May on APAD (A Photo A Day). 5 Questions for Roger May.

Roger’s work from Appalachia has always impressed me, with its intelligence, and with it’s subtle, quiet beauty. It’s work that does not shout, needs not to shout to deliver the impact [...]