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From Panos Pictures…

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Changing Frame

I know we all like to talk about how photographs have the power to tell stories and cause change. And we all also like to smirk at this lofty goal.

But, sometimes, a single photograph manages to do both, and do it in a very powerful way.

And this is one of those times.

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Bullshit To Impress

Sharing this little “list in development” from John Perivolaris who has been posting it on his Twitter stream recently.

I know I’m guilty of at least one of these, yet I also groan in the inward sense whenever I (frequently) read or hear other photographers talking in this glorified manner about work photographs that leave [...]

I Heart Beefheart, The Captain


Interviewer: Don’t you want to make money?

Beefheart: Sure

Interviewer: Then why don’t you go commercial?

Beefheart: I think, either I’m too smart…or too dumb. I don’t know which.

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In Jazz….The Lesson Is….

To Shush As Much As You Talk, So Everyone Else Can Have An Opportunity…”


“So many blessings and so many lessons…”

“For it to be great, everyone has to get along, for you to be one…”

“It’s always teaching you something…the music. You can never know too much….” (emphasis is mine and for good [...]

Samba Galactica

So it isn’t photojourno at all, but I really don’t care. It’s great music, and great video work. Isn’t that enough sometimes? Enjoy…

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I Is Like Professshunall

No joke. I like my gadgets and I like my software. As proof of my serious geekery, a quick tool around my studio easily reveals several Apple products, quite a bit of Nikon, various nicely branded mics, interfaces, etc., and audio editing software that includes, yes, both Logic Pro and Nuendo (4, Nuendo 4, not [...]

Authority Means Nothing

I have no big speech of indignation to issue about this. Just watch the video. It’s obvious.

Some “civil society” we supposedly live in.


An open letter to Chancellor Linda P.B. Katehi from Assistant Professor Nathan Brown, an untenured professor at UC Davis.

And the petition calling for the Chancellor of UC Davis [...]

Photographing War and Photographing Africa

With all the debate both about how war is photographed and about Africa is photographed, this African football tournament for amputees injured in war seems like an interesting story to tell as an alternative narrative.

Football is immensely popular in the continent, and sport is often used as a strong tool by which to help [...]


Approaching infinity A Gödel number gave up, Leaving history incomplete But, at least, Consistent.