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#FF…Funding Friday…

Yes that’s right David – I’ve stole your hashtag, but I promise it’s for a good reason.

It’s Friday and in my part of the world that means everyone is counting their pennies to see if they can afford a pint of pale ale at their local beer house to while away their troubles. So [...]

People, skies and workshops

From the top and from left to right we have Patrick, Judica, Chris, Fadili, Blaya, Abraham, Haika, Gervaz and Usu which makes up our wonderful 9 trainees from Tanzania.

I just wanted to share this picture of 9 great people from Tanzania that I got to meet and that can now add duckrabbit trainee [...]

When it rains it pours…and everyone’s late

It took me so long to get my last post up as work here in Tanzania has been so crazy busy but this morning I had a some extra time as the heavens had opened last night. When it rains here in Dar es Salaam there is a lot of water and most of it [...]

Big skies, great people, food to tell your friends about….oh and photofilms

The view across the Indian Ocean a stone's throw from our training in Dar es Salaam.

Of course I’m talking about me being here in east Africa courtesy of the British Council who have put on a photofilm training course for local journalists, photographers and students here in Dar es Salaam in beautiful Tanzania. [...]

Things to do in Birmingham

Dan & Ray settle in for the edit after a cold afternoon spent in Birmingham.

Just before duck & rabbit ran off to Zimbabwe with the Oxfam crew for some tomfoolery and lots of audio and pictures we trained a few lovely people up in Birmingham. Dan, Ray, Oliva and Uta were a great [...]

1 bad meal, 30 hours of travel, far too many toilet stops and a 5m long snake

Milton, Bangladesh's very our Basil Fawlty bids us farewell…

I’m sat in Crystal Coffee in the car park of Medan’s International airport where it’s surprising to learn that I can’t get a straight black cup of coffee. Surprising as I have just left Aceh in the north where I tasted the most beautiful locally [...]

Poverty’s not so black and white?

A boy holds his younger brother in Khulna, Bangladesh where there are over 34 million children living in poverty. © Mike Lusmore

It’s plain to see that people here in Bangladesh don’t have as much money in their pockets as the average westerner. The majority of children don’t get the education, nutrition and the [...]

Knocking your head against a wall (Bangladeshi style)

A room with a view…Shrimp ponds in Bangladesh. © Mike Lusmore

I’ve been in Bangladesh for just over a week now and in that time seen some wonderful things, met some lovely people and experienced some things I probably never would have anywhere else in the world. To add to that I have on [...]

Plane sailing

It’s been a a bit of a trek getting out to Bangladesh where I am working with Benjamin for a few weeks and if I thought the trekking was over I was wrong. The transport here in Khulna is slow progress and the roads would keep the highways agency back in the UK busy [...]