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The blindness of photojournalism made crystal clear

EDITORS UPDATE: Please read Aranda’s response at the bottom of the post and my thoughts on it. It’s important to note that Aranda claims the family were happy with the use of the image, although in an interview he gave elsewhere he states they were not aware of the cover before it was licensed by [...]

A Short Post Not About Whether Found Images Are Photography

Stezaker has won the Deutsche Börse Photography Prize 2012 for his collages of found images. Get ready for grumbles from those that consider themselves Proper Photographers and Proper Photography to be all about taking pictures “out of the house”, as Foto8 put it.

I’m not going to enter into this debate and I will tell [...]

Ladies, you’re pretty artsy and creative, right?

Ooh the 'Lady Carefree Elite', but isn't it a bit old fashioned?

Ooh the ‘Lady Carefree Elite’ – wait, isn’t that a brand of tampon?

“PIX is a photography lifestyle magazine for women. If you love to snap photos, chances are you’re pretty creative and artsy about the rest of your world too. It’s important to you that your business is modern and cool, you’ve always [...]

Everybody Hurts

Ken cries too; Men cry too – and we’ve got the pictures to prove it. Images of Putin with tears springing from his peepers at his recent re-election as president got me thinking about what it means when men, especially men in power, turn on the waterworks. Then when the image below of London mayoral [...]

Not Ruining the Photo

Recently I spoke at a conference about the American conflict in Vietnam. This was the first time I had presented a paper at a conference and it was interesting to receive responses after the talk. Some people were really excited by what I had said, some people wanted to argue with me, some people wanted [...]

Images of Sexual Violence (1): Saying Things Kept Silent, Showing Things Kept Hidden

Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye is a story about a young black girl in 1960s America who is sexually abused by her father. It’s beautifully written and painful to read – speaking fearlessly about the realities of poverty, race and gender. It unearths the causes of victimhood and the silence which surrounds and supports the [...]

Abject Poverty / Object Poverty

Presenting poverty is difficult, as is presenting suffering in general. To expose someone to the lens, and then to the wider world, in a moment of struggle or pain or fear, must be justified by some purpose, some greater act of goodness. Otherwise it is simply a kind of voyeurism – a static piece of [...]