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Twice as much Third Floor

I’ve not had a chance to write in Duckrabbit for ages. Mainly, my new job is very demanding, and on the other hand, Third Floor Gallery has been growing. Now, in addittion to the Third Floor Gallery space, we also have the Second Floor Extension, located just below. The first show there was Vincent Delbrouck’s [...]

Top Photography Websites of 2011

Wow, this is quite a double whammy. The Duckrabbit blog and Third Floor Gallery have made it to a top ten of online photography destinations. I find it less surprising for Duckrabbit, which for me has considerable whistleblowing appeal, but very surprising for Third Floor, which as a website mostly has you-can-do-it-too sort of inspiration.


Looking for hot photo-date with £50 in London

I’ve ended up in this situation where I’m going on Thursday to London. The main reason for my visit is going to Fortnum & Mason’s Charity Christmas Party.Thing is, I have a spare ticket that I paid £50 for and nobody to go with! So, if you have £50 and fancy going to eat, drink [...]

Photography education as apprenticeship

Ok, so I’m carrying on with a series of posts that I could entitle ‘the grass is greener abroad’ series. I’ve just come back from Paris this time, from taking part in portfolio reviews and a panel discussion at nofound photo fair. The photo fair is a new initiative led by Emeric Glayse and with [...]

Proper retrospectives

I’ve been now a couple of days in Helsinki (Finland). A great time with photographers, curators, gallerists, etc., but that’s another story. To stick to something specific, I think this is the first time I have seen a proper retrospective of the work of a living photographer.

Most often, when I see something classed as [...]

Get paid to publish photographs…

… not your own, obviously. Just get somebody to pay you for you publishing their photographs.I read this comment on Flak Photo Network, which is an interesting (albeit somewhat chaotic) resource on Facebook:

“A publisher has approached me about printing some of my work in their photography magazine, but it is pay-to-play. The cost to [...]

London discovers photography

There’s an article in today’s Observer entitled “Britain’s photographic revolution“, which, as it only mentions the work of large institutions based in London, should be entitled either “London discovers photography” or “London ratifies photography”. I’m surprised by the multiple shortcomings by the usually lucid Sean O’Hagan.

In the piece Sean describes how large London institutions [...]

Newsround: Yuri Kozyrev wins award, Photographers’ Gallery delays opening

Some unrelated news.

Yuri Kozyrev has won this big award at Visa Pour l’Image, the photojournalism festival. I first became aware of his work this year (can you believe it?) when searching for photographers that had been shooting in Bahrain and Yemen, both which he has been on assignment for Time magazine. The guy’s been [...]

Roll up, roll up: FREE portfolio reviews at Ffotogallery Open House

One of the first things I was going to post was my experience reviewing portfolios at Arles, but before I get to that I’d just announce that there are free portfolio reviews and a day of discussions at Open House in Ffotogallery (Penarth, Cardiff). I think that there are very mixed views on the usefulness [...]

On paying to look behind the glass

duckrabbit would like to introduce and welcome Joni Karanka to the blog. Joni is one of the founding members of the wonderful 3rd Floor Gallery. I was lucky enough to hang with Joni at Arles. Top, top bloke.

Hi there! I was thinking to introduce myself into duckrabbit with something that is not the usual [...]