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Another country

This is a long piece. It’s got a lot of images. Most are being published for the first time, but I hope it doesn’t come over as too self-indulgent, and is perhaps more ‘reflective’. I’ve offered critiques of other’s work on duckrabbit often enough and decided it was probably time to show some of my [...]

“Cut out the crap”

Every now and again you see work that makes you go WOW!

Image © Peter Jones

I did that today when I saw the work of 67 year old Welsh farmer Peter Jones on the blog of Bartosz Nowicki. Beautifully composed, perfectly timed and quite simply wonderful images.

There’s a great interview there too [...]

Father. Photographer. Child pornographer?

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This is not Ferguson

Merkinch community artwork © John MacPherson

This is Inverness, Scotland. An eerily prescient slice of community artwork on a building site fence, painted by local children weeks ago. Photographed yesterday.

Life imitates art. And art echoes. That’s why it has power.

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“The man I am today”

The small details are often the most telling, and are probably more appropriate to focus on just now. It’s not the end, it’s the journey.

(As an aside this generated some controversy over the veracity of the commentators memory of his teacher, but led to this which is the bottom line.) Tweet [...]

That other world wide web

Spider does the business on a careless wasp © John MacPherson


Spider silk fibers are produced from soluble proteins (spidroins) under ambient conditions in a complex but poorly understood process. Spidroins are highly repetitive in sequence but capped by nonrepetitive N- and C-terminal domains (NT and CT) that are suggested to regulate fiber [...]

Collected, connected, sent and saved (maybe)

Using Facebook, Cameras, and Cash, Syrian Refugees Are Trying to Save Each Other

Lebanon 2014 © Alice Su

Article from The Pulitzer Center for Crisis Reporting, by Alice Su

The hardest thing about creating livelihoods, Halliso says, is that you can’t create enough. Several months ago, the NGOs in Shatila announced a hiring call [...]

These black men represent a threat……….

Concerned community members guard liquor store in Ferguson © Trymaine Lee


………to anyone who wants to try to commit the offence of looting in Ferguson. These are good people, doing a good thing, in a community they belong to, and care about.



The stream of images from Ferguson this week [...]

How the sun sees you

This is very very clever, very thought provoking, but very simple. It’s also a lovely and engaging short film by Thomas Leveritt that makes a BIG point effortlessly.

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Game on

SWEDISH DAD TAKES GAMER KIDS TO WAR ZONE: A Swedish father has come under fire for taking his two sons on a trip to Israel, the West Bank and occupied Syria in order to teach them the reality of war.

So reads the current headline in the Swedish English language news site The [...]