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Screams, smiles and selfies

Events in Gaza over the last few weeks have appalled me. By any standards what has been perpetrated there is unacceptable. Both side’s hands bloodied, and in the middle, too many innocent civilians with nowhere to hide.

Amongst the many many images that I waded through recently, some tearfully, several caught my attention, and of [...]

All in all its just another brick in the wall

Lego. It’s great stuff. My wee lad loves it. (Personally speaking I prefer Meccano – more imagination and finesse required in my fumble opinion).

What’s Lego made from? Plastic I guess. Where does that come from? Well some is synthetic, but mostly it’s from oil.

What better tie up then than Shell and Lego…….


The Toxic Price of Leather

The Atkins CIWEM Environmental Photographer of the Year awards were made last night. I was a finalist in the film category for best environmental video for my Clootie Well piece.

Sad to say I didn’t win, but I have to say I was beaten by a class act! Well done Sean Gallagher for his film [...]

Love and war

My mother’s cousin was Bill Millin, he was Lord Lovat’s piper, and one of the many heroes of the D Day landings and battles in France.

Bill used to stay in our home town in Scotland but eventually left and settled in the south of England, but he was fond of my mother and visited [...]

Metadata, time and the story of our pasts

I’ve written several times before about metadata and its importance to history and the ways it can enable images to be properly used, or misused. In ‘Henry Carter and the Divisive Moment’ I quoted David Riecks, who said:

“Most documentary images will have little cultural value if we don’t know at least a few of [...]

Talking shit…..

……makes a great deal of sense.

We don’t talk about it often enough.


Who’s watching YOU ‘powder your nose’ ? @ John MacPherson


I was doing some photography work for an environmental client in remote area of Scotland at the end of a long arduous single-track road. It was a glorious fjord-like [...]

Unboxing Appalachia

I ‘stumbled’ into an ‘unboxing video’ on youtube once when looking for some info on some photo doohickey or other that I wanted to buy, and was astonished. A video review just about opening a box! Well I never. Was this for real? What was even more surprising than it actually being for real, was [...]

Tears for fears


Image © Ami Vitale

I was intrigued by the NYT Lens piece by James Estrin ‘The Real Story behind the Wrong Photos in bringbackourgirls”. Estrin interviews the author of the images used to illustrate the campaign, Ami Vitale, who reveals:

A Twitter campaign using the hashtag #BringBackOurGirls has focused global attention on the [...]

What are ‘ghosts’?

Things that don’t actually exist?

Ghosts © Ralph Ziman

I came across these striking pictures this week. The work of African born but USA-resident Ralph Ziman, showing brightly coloured AK47 rifles made from beads and wire. The header of the piece proclaimed:

Ghosts: AK-47 guns made from beads and wire – in pictures

New [...]


Twenty years after the genocide, the NYT has some compelling portraits of Rwandan Tutsi survivors and the Hutu individuals who perpetrated ‘the unthinkable’ on them and their families. The images by Pieter Hugo are direct and powerful. The story they tell is hopeful.

Image © Pieter Hugo


But requests for forgiveness come from [...]