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Kill tradition

Getty has announced its latest set of grants. Here’s what Aiden Sullivan, vice president of photo assignments, told BJP:

“In these difficult financial times, where it has become something of a rarity to obtain funding from traditional sources, this grant offers something of a lifeline.”

Photojournalism is always going to be a glass half empty [...]

“I know there is strength in me”- Can it get tougher for a parent than this?

It takes an incredible strength to choose to put yourself in front of the camera and tell the world you are HIV positive.

Especially when the world has already thrown more crap at you then most of us face in a lifetime.

That’s exactly what young Ethiopian Mum Momina does in this film. That Time [...]

Living on Scrap

I’ve got to say a short doco about kids collecting scrap is not a very appealing prospect for a Saturday morning. Rubbish dump shots in developing countries are ten a penny on ‘concerned photojournalist’ websites. Putting my skepticism aside I clicked on Chris De Bode and Steven Elbers short doco, Living on Scrap.

The film [...]

Dying for a photograph (and an Audi A3 advert)

‘From the pickup, Lynsey saw a body outstretched next to our car, one arm outstretched. We still don’t know whether that was Mohammed. We fear it was, though his body has yet to be found.

If he died, we will have to bear the burden for the rest of our lives that an innocent man [...]

Why I left Facebook and then regretted it

It was a moment of drunken clarity.

“I’m leaving FACEBOOK” I announced to the duckrabbit team over a few beers the night before a workshop.

The reasons are multiple.

I’ve started to resent the fact that everything I do on the internet is tracked so that advertisers can sell me crap that I [...]

World Press Photo: great pics and the usual incest

World Press Photo of the Year 2013, John Stanmeyer, announced at the #wpph14 offices in Amsterdam.

— David Guttenfelder (@dguttenfelder) February 14, 2014


The World Press photo of the year was announced yesterday. John Stanmeyer was the winner. Speaking to the New York Times photographer and jury member David Guttenfelder is reported [...]

This is how Birmingham University treats its Students or why Vice Chancellor David Eastwood has lost the plot

If you are thinking about going to Birmingham University (just down the road from the duckrabbit Brum office) you may want to watch this video and then think again.

Freedom of speech and protest is central to a democracy. There are genuine concerns about the way that Birmingham University is being run; particularly the victimisation [...]

Why duckrabbit backed Vlad Sokhin’s Crying Meri book project on Kickstarter


I’ve never backed a Kickstarter project until today when I backed Vlad Sokhin’s book project Crying Meri.

Last year I travelled to Papua New Guinea to work with the Sokhin on a documentary about violence against women in Papua New Guinea (you should be able to hear the documentary and watch the photofilm [...]

“What will we do and how will we start again?”

One of the hardest things for visual storytellers to take on board is that the most powerful stories are the ones in which visual brilliance does not distract. This is particularly tricky for photographers making the leap to videography because they’ve previously learned that value lies in the ability to have aesthetic screaming at you [...]

This on repeat

Tonight I’ve got post-workshop blues and this on repeat.