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Cast your votes, please

Further to my post earlier this week on context and contact, please cast your votes on this statement: “A photo essay always needs a great written story” at Bite / 50pm online, weblink here.

Update: interestingly, the percentage for “yes” dropped all morning, but has been rising since noon. Interestingly, the percentage for “no” on [...]

Contact & Context

So here I am preparing 50pm’s second issue, due at the end of the month, working on texts for three of the four portfolios and all of a sudden I’m thinking, why am I doing this?

Don’t get me wrong, the new issue will come out and it will blow people away, trust me! [...]

New York professor installs camera in head

Seen this? Tweet

Morel Won The Case

Remember this discussion: Leroy vs Morel?

Word came out the day before yesterday that Morel won the case, check out the analysis here..

Good news for creatives!

Happy new year everybody!!


Morel has not won the case. AFP/GETTY have lost the legal argument that he cannot sue them. That said duckrabbit expects a [...]

More On The Future

Some interesting thoughts by Claudia Hinterseer of NOOR Images in this BJP article:

“The present is (roughly) making stories on spec and selling pics for publication in print, online and so on, the future is in initiating projects, multimedia, grants and foundations. To survive you have to do both for a period of time.”

Hinterseer [...]