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Newsflash: call for proposals from Side Gallery, Newcastle


We are continually looking for bodies of work that fit within our programming agenda at Side Gallery.

If you would like to submit work for consideration, please see the notes below:

1. As Side Gallery dedicated to documentary photography in the tradition of the concerned photographer, please do not submit fine art or [...]

After the world stops looking – an Afghan photographer’s Pulitzer prize

Interesting piece over on the Grauniad on Massoud Hossaini, the recent winner of a Pulitzer prize. Worth your time. Tweet

Photographing the world while longing for home

I found this incredibly thought-provoking. Photographer Ed Kashi on the realities of spending eight months a year away from his wife and kids. Tweet

Guest post from Mr Pete ‘Prison Photography’ Brook

Mike Davis’ Does Story Telling Lose in Multimedia is a poorly-argued position on multimedia. Usually very helpful with his industry insider’s voice, Davis has not met his usual standards. Shame.

Davis’ logic is flawed. Let me quote (in bold) and question his three-point disappointment.

1. Thou shalt approach subject matter that mostly happened in the [...]

The face of the Gujarat riots meets his photographer ‘saviour’


A fascinating ‘what happened next’…. read it here Tweet

Why the World Press Photo winner works


Read Blake Andrews’ full assessment here


“I love photography”



Step over here to find out why.


Representing and misrepresenting the Roma

I’ve spent a lot of time over the past year or so thinking about how Gypsy and Roma people are represented and misrepresented through photography. Two of my recent projects – Rethink and Elvira and Me – attempt to challenge the prevailing visual stereotypes of indigenous Gypsies and migrant Roma, two connected but separate communities. [...]

Just because

Everyone needs a little boost on a Monday morning, right?

[youtube][/youtube] Tweet

Abundance – a photofilm

What a wonderful idea.


“Abundance is a fruit harvesting and distribution project that started in Sheffield and since has inspired similar projects across the country. “It’s basically legal scrumping. Tree owners call Abundance, Abundance round up the volunteers, they harvest the fruit, returning some to the owners, and distributing, pickling, or making chutney with [...]