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Giving away 25 Leica M9 iphone 4 skins – YES THEY’RE FREE…..with a bit of a catch!

This post is part top-tip and part blatant self-promotion. Before Christmas I saw this very cool link to someone who had turned a Leica into a skin for the iphone 4. They were based in America and weren’t selling them. So I decided to make some for myself and use them as Christmas gifts to [...]

Cheaper than chips steadicam

If you are already shooting video with DSLR’s you probably know how dam hard it is – even with the thing stuck on a tripod. So any thoughts of trying to use one on a delicately balanced steadicam is probably a very long way from your future plans. Before you poo poo the idea, I’ve [...]

A bit of light beat box

This has nothing to do with photography, journalism or anything to do with this site at all really apart from this is just one really talented individual. If you don’t like beat box I’m not going to apologise for putting this up because it is so great.

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You spin me right round baby right round…like an egg-timer!

Before you double up in laughter at what I’m going to tell you remember one thing – it has made me a lot of money…a lot of money. And all it is is a GoPro camera (although it could be any small camera) attached to the top of a windup egg-timer to create 360 time-lapse [...]

3D – Tish, Pish, Tosh…

While I’m one of Duckrabbit’s guest bloggers I don’t write that much here. Most of my work doesn’t come under the ‘saving the world’ category. Generally clients pay me to make stuff look nice. I don’t do bullets, natural disasters, disease and certainly won’t bend over for a Turkish customs official! But give me a [...]

Vimeo awards now in

Vimeo have just announced the winners of this years best video awards. Really pleased that my favourite film from this year so far ‘Last minutes with Oden’ won. Have a look at some really great videos. Tweet


H1 Zoom mic

Being a photographer I never really gave much thought to audio, why would I. But since shooting multimedia and videos for clients audio has become a big part of what I do. Now I’m no expert but have had a bit of guidance from Ben so I know a little. [...]

DSLR’s and the BBC

Whatever your take on the BBC they’ve just come up trumps for anyone shooting with the latest dslr cameras, more specifically, the Canon 5D Mark II. Before today you had to own a rather impressive and very expensive video camera to submit footage to the beeb but now they are getting all gooey over [...]

It’s chocolate but it is so much more

I’m not a hugely emotional person. You could break down in tears in front of me and I’d might give you a glancing pat on the back in some sort of lame effort at sympathy. But this excellent little film about a couple of brothers who make chocoalate got me all emotional. I have no [...]

How to behave in a war zone

I saw this today and it made me go hmmm. A handbook on what to do and not do in a war zone. I thought most of it would be fairly logical but I guess as more newbie journalists and photographers try and make a name for themselves then it might be a useful to [...]